Existing Clients – How To Pay For Your Termly Allocated Place Using MindBody Online

If you would like to pay for your allocated place in a session, then follow this procedure. If you wish to purchase more than one type of session, then please complete the whole process and check out each session type individually. This is due to a glitch in the programme not syncing up the purchases when bought as a group.


MindBody Online

This process can be completed using the MindBody app on a mobile device or on a Mac/PC.

Using a Mac / PC

Once you have logged in, go to the ONLINE STORE tab at the top and then select the session type you would like to purchase. In this example the Matwork class. From the next page, chose the number of classes you wish to attend and click on appropriate package.

Chose the individual class if you expect to be unable to attend all or most of the classes in a term, but be mindful that the individual class purchase has a 14 day validity period from date of purchase. The term package will expire at the end of the stated term and will not carry over to the next term. If you expect to be unavailable for sessions, then you can at an appropriate time cancel the session in question and make up in another suitable session, either before or after your cancelled session. If you are joining part way through term, then please e-mail us so we can adjust the term length as required from when you joined.

Once you have added your package to your shopping cart you can check out to purchase.

Using a Mobile Device

On the MindBody Online app, once you have logged in, go to your schedule and find the class you wish to attend. Here I have chosen the 1750 Reformer class on Wednesdays. Click on the class where it says book. This will bring up the class pricing page. It will automatically bring up the single session tab, expiring after 14 days. If you want to purchase a term pass, then click on the session type tab, here single session, and then select the pass required. In the example 6 week pass selected, then click done. It will return to payment page, so check correct pass type selected and then continue on to pay