In our unique space we are fortunate to have a large number of doors, windows and sky lights which can remain open, allowing for excellent airflow and ventillation. We continue to teach our virtual group matwork sessions online alongside sessions in the Studio

In order to maintain social distance, your instructor will require you to set up your own equipment. This was working well just before lockdown.

Hygiene has always been a top priority at the studio and we were exceeding government guidelines before the lockdown. We will continue to sanitise equipment and common touch points, such as doorhandles, between each session as we have always done.
Well Being – It goes without saying that if you are unwell you should stay at home and not visit the studio until you are well (standard Covid-19 rules apply)
Social distance – a distance of 2m will be maintained during sessions. Please be respectful of this pre and post session too. Cueing will be verbal as it is not appropriate for us the use tactile cueing in the current environment.
Hand washing / Sanitizing – After entering the studio and stowing your belongings please wash and dry hands thoroughly. Just before leaving the studio please take some hand sanitiser.

If you would like to clean your equipment at the start of the session, that is absolutely fine.
Handles and loops now have vinyl wipeable coverings.
Masks are optional.
Gloves are not permitted.
Shoes are to be left by the door upon entering so please try to wear footwear that is quick and easy to remove.
Belongings – please bring minimal belongings into the studio.
Clothing – Please ensure you are wearing clean clothing each time you visit the studio
Socks – please bring clean socks/Toesox to use. No Toesox to be left at the studio between sessions. (If you forget there will be socks available for purchase)
Water – Please hydrate well before your class. We ask that you leave your water bottle in the car/at home. If you require water in the studio there will be water bottle available to purchase.

Arrival and departure – Please arrive and depart promptly to avoid any congestion. We love a chat and to see you all chatting before and after session but at present we are going to have to reign it in a bit!