How To Cancel One Of Your Sessions Using MindBody Online

If you have a session already booked in your schedule and you need to cancel that session, then follow this procedure. Once cancelled, then this will free up one of your sessions, allowing you to re-book an alternate make up session.

MindBody Online


This process can be completed using the MindBody app on a mobile device or on a Mac/PC. Please try to cancel your appointment with as much notice as possible to allow other clients on the waiting list to confirm their place. If the session is cancelled with less than 6 hours notice then you will be still charged for the session and unable to make up the session.


Using a Mac / PC

Once you have logged in, go to the CLASSES tab at the top and then find the session you would like to cancel. In this example the 1850 class, I then click on the green REGISTERED to bring up the My Schedule page. From here, find the class you wish to cancel and click on the blue Cancel on the right to cancel the session. Be careful to chose the correct session if more than one sessions appear on this page.

Using a Mobile Device

On the MindBody Online app, once you have logged in, go to your schedule and find the class you wish to cancel. If it is the next scheduled class then it will appear on your home screen. Here I have chosen the 1850 class. Click on the class. This will bring up the class details page. At the bottom is a Cancel tab. Press this to cancel and then confirm.