How To Use Zoom For Your Online Class And 1-2-1

ZOOM Sessions – these classes/1-2-1s will be scheduled on MindBody Online at specific times with our teachers. If you are attending a group class then we recommend you turn your camera and audio off once the actual class starts but we look forward to chatting to you just before and after the class. 

MindBody Online

The booking process can be completed using the MindBody app on a mobile device or on a Mac/PC. The email link to your virtual session will be sent at least 15 mins before start time. This will then let you log into the specific online class. Please book at least an hour before the start time.

 Once the class starts, we are unable to assist with technical difficulties. So please try downloading ZOOM and familiarise yourselves well in advance. Give us a shout if you are stuck and we will try to advise.

Zoom – What is it?

Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing service you can use to virtually meet with others – either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chats. Zoom allows one-to-one chat sessions that can grow into group calls, training sessions and webinars for internal and external audiences, and global video meetings with up to 1,000 participants and as many as 49 on-screen videos.

Download Zoom

The desktop app is available for Windows and macOS, while the mobile app is available for Android and iOS.

All the apps let you join a meeting without signing in, but also let you sign in using a Zoom account, Google, Facebook, or SSO. From there, you can start a meeting, join a meeting, share your screen in a Zoom Room by entering the meeting ID, start Zoom Meetings, mute/unmute your mic, start/stop the video, invite others to the meeting, change your screen name, do in-meeting chat, and start a cloud recording.

If you’re a desktop user, you can also start a local recording, create polls, broadcast your Facebook live on Facebook, and more. In other words, the desktop app is more fully featured, although, if you’re a free user, you can still get a lot of mileage from the mobile app.

To download Zoom:-

  1. On a Laptop/Macbook etc ;, Top right ‘sign up its free’. Zoom Clients For Meetings
  2. On an iPhone or Ipad; or in the app store (search ‘Zoom’ Blue square, white camera symbol, ‘Zoom cloud meeting’)
  3. Other Phones – no idea but should be similar.

Virtual Class – Admin

The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first Zoom meeting, 


THE TEACHER WILL THEN SEND YOU THE CLASS LINK AT LEAST 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE START OF THE CLASS and you click the CLASS LINK to Join the Virtual Class. Remember to check your Junk Mail in case it was sent there.

PLEASE NOTE: When you Log onto a ZOOM Class with Tetbury Pilates you agree to the following statement. 

I understand that I have agreed to participate in online Tetbury Pilates class which may include strenuous physical activity. I agree that I will only participate if fit and well and will notify the teacher at the start of the class if there is any new information or changes concerning my fitness to participate. I agree that I will follow all instructions given by the teacher, including abstaining if I am told an exercise is not suitable for me. I also agree not to record the lesson in any form. Agreement to this Online Teaching Notification will act as my continued agreement to all ensuing on-line sessions, via Zoom or any other video conferencing tool.

Your invitation will look like this, it looks complex but all you need to do is click on the link to the live stream which is highlighted in bold. You click the link under Join Zoom Meeting: Check the Zoom App to see the status of the login. Or once the app is open you can select join a meeting and input the meeting ID and password supplied.

TEACHER X is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Virtual Matwork Pilates

Time: Mar 32, 2020 09:00 AM London 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 293-259-9260

Before You Attend

Before you attend an online Virtual (ZOOM) class you need to do the following: 

  • Download Zoom. You only need to do this once; it is free of charge and easy to do. You need to download Zoom meetings onto your iPad, laptop or phone, depending on which one you are planning on using for the class. You just need to have an inbuilt camera. 
  • This link takes you to the page you need: Zoom Clients For Meetings.
  • If you are using a laptop or desktop…….the first option is the one you need entitled “Zoom client for meetings”. Please click download and it will ask you to register. Make a note of your password in case you decide to use another device for future classes. 
  • Alternatively, when you receive your ‘invitation’ to join your ZOOM session if you haven’t downloaded the ZOOM software it should prompt you to do it anyway. If this is the case please ensure you allow a few minutes before the start of class to download and register. 
  • If you are using an iPad, tablet or a phone…..then you need to download the “Zoom Mobile app”. Follow the link above and scroll down and it will give you a link to the Apple App Store and Google play link and allow you to the download the app and register. Make a note of your password in case you decide to use another device for future classes.
  • We will send you an invitation via email at least 15 minutes before the class begins. Class registration via Mindbody is locked 1 hour before the start of the class to ensure the teacher has time to do this.  If you do not receive an email invitation please check your junk or spam email! If you still don’t have it, message the teacher directly on their mobile. 
  • The invitation will have a link to click, which will take you directly to the Zoom class. 
  • If you get a message that the host isn’t ready don’t worry you’ve just beaten the teacher to the class! Just like in the Studio – so just wait….
  • The teacher will open the meeting about 5 minutes before we are due to start so you can login and get setup and get ready.

How The Class Works

Once you are in the class on your device, you should be able to see yourself and other attendees on your screen. 

  • Before the class starts we are happy to have a bit of a chat to see how you are and any specific requirement, but when the session starts we will mute your audio and request you turn off the video part of the link. That way no-one is watching you work out or noticing that you did not do all the repetitions. The audio is off so that we don’t all hear any back ground noises and if you wish, you can play your own music in the background. 
  • The teacher will remain at the centre of the screen but if you want to ask a question there is a button to put your hand up and the teacher will “unmute you”. This is the easiest way to work because it means that you should always be able to see and hear the teacher. Also should you have an unexpected interruption (child, partner, phone call, dog etc) then it won’t disrupt the class. 
  • At the end of the session if you would like to chat or ask questions please turn your audio (and video) on.

How 1-2-1s Work

Once you are in the session on your device, you should be able to see yourself and us on your screen. 

  • If you position the camera so we can see you when you are lying down and that you have space free around you.
  • We will leave the audio and video on, bottom left corner, but on the screen of us, there is a row of 3 dots, click this and then pin our screen to the front. This will keep us as the big screen. Normally the main screen changes to whoever is speaking at the time.  
  • It’s fine if you have someone else joining in, as long as they can see the screen ok.However the session is designed for you and your level of experience. Play some of your own music in the background if you want, it doesn’t come over the audio too well. Get any props you have or want to use handy.