Suspension Trainer
Mixed Equipment


This session is instructor led and clients will be taught a series of exercises on the equipment.

TRX training is entertaining and brings amazing results. TRX Suspension Trainer builds a strong and stable CORE, which is the basis of efficient and effective body movements.

You can exercise whole body, perform exercises improving flexibility, strength or explosiveness.TRX Workouts are designed for complete beginners as well as for elite athletes. TRX exercises can be escalated easily with the load being set according to your body position.

TRX Suspension Training classes are charged at £10 per 45 minute session.  All classes need to be booked as a block each term, to ensure that we always have space for you in your chosen timeslot.   If you are planning to attend more than one class a week, combining a TRX class with a Reformer/Equipment or Matwork class will provide well balanced results for your entire body.
It may be possible to join a class at short notice if space is available.  Please always call beforehand to confirm availability.  The rate for drop-in sessions will be higher than for classes booked as a termly block.