NEW!!  BARRE comes to Tetbury Pilates

barreWEB BARRE is a total body workout.

Each class moves through a series of exercises designed to tone different parts of the body. Nothing is missed in our 55 minute classes.

How does it work?

Barre works the smaller, complementary muscles as well as the larger muscle groups. Most exercise forms focus on the bigger muscles like the quadriceps, chest and gluteus maximus. Barre Body works these too, but you will really feel the burn in the smaller, supportive muscles that have to earn their keep when we have fatigued the bigger muscle groups. This is what results in the longer, leaner look that dancers are known for. It is performed in an interval training format. Interval training is the act of raising and lowering the heart rate at regular intervals. This is an extremely effective way of getting fit fast and it results in calories continuing to be burnt long after the workout is finished. It combines several disciplines artfully. It’s the perfect blend of yoga for flexiblity, pilates for alignment and core strength, and ballet barre conditioning for toning, resulting in long, lean muscles. As I say to new clients, it does get easier, but not much. You just improve your technique, making the exercises more effective and harder! Basically, it makes you look and feel good. Happy days!!!