“In 10 sessions you’ll feel a difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see a difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a new body.”

Joseph Pilates

Welcome To Tetbury Pilates

Bespoke, affordable Pilates for all levels of fitness and strength.

Classes run throughout the school year, with a reduced pre-bookable timetable during school holidays.

One-to-One Sessions

Pilates is at its very best when taught in a one-to-one setting. As Pilates is a highly prescriptive form of exercise, individualised sessions allow your time in the studio to be structured entirely around you, your body and goals. It may be the case that you are recovering from illness, surgery or injury and require rehabilitation to aid your recovery. Many clients enjoy the flexibility one-to-one sessions allow in regards to scheduling session times.

Duet Sessions

Enjoy your Pilates practice with a friend or partner! You will be working alongside each other and still have a high level of attention from your instructor. You can share the cost of the session.

Please email us to book your One-to-One or Duet session using the link .

Reformer/ Equipment

Following a one one-to-one session you will join a group of six clients and work on the Cadillac, Reformer, Stability Chair and Barrels; as well as small props such as flexbands, stability balls, fitness circles and foam rollers. This session is instructor led and clients will be taught a series of exercises on the equipment in pairs. Midway through the session clients will switch and work through the other half of the programme. Classes are always fun and varied with appropriate modifications made where required.

Reformer/Equipment classes are charged from £18 per 55 minute session.  All classes need to be booked as a block each term, to ensure that we always have space for you in your chosen timeslot. You will see faster results when working with the Reformer/Equipment, compared with the Matwork only sessions.  If you are planning to attend more than one class a week, combining a Reformer/Equipment class with a Matwork class will provide well balanced results for your entire body.

All Levels Virtual Class

During this dynamic matwork session you will enjoy movement of the entire body so that you feel strengthened, lengthened and invigorated. All you need is a mat and a positive attitude!

Modifications will be suggested if you need to take them. We may sometimes use props as optional extras. These are not essential at all, but if you have any of the following available at home you may wish to keep them handy:

Flexband(s) … or a dressing gown cord or rope

Toning balls/small weights…or small bottles of water or cans

Thin pad for under your head if you need it

Small stability ball 7-12 inches… or a couple of pilllows/cushions

Foam roller

(This class is not suitable for special considerations such as pregnancy or osteoporosis)

Virtual Matwork classes are charged from £10 for a 55 minute session.  All classes need to be booked individually, to ensure that we always have space for you in your chosen timeslot.


You will join a group (max 8-10 clients) and work on a series of Matwork exercises. Small props such as flexbands, stability balls, fitness circles and foam rollers are used to assist, challenge and vary your workout.

Matwork classes are charged from £10 for a 55 minute session.  All classes need to be booked as a block each term, to ensure that we always have space for you in your chosen timeslot.

Studio Sessions

Following three one-to-one sessions, you will then join a group and work through a series of exercises that will have been selected for you based on your postural analysis, movement patterns and goals. Although in a group setting you will receive individual attention as the instructor moves between clients to assist, advise and encourage their Pilates practice. These sessions are particularly useful for clients who prefer to work in a group setting but really do require an individualised programme. You will make full use of the studio equipment including the Cadillac, Reformer, Stability Chair and Barrels; as well as small props such as flexbands, stability balls, fitness circles and foam rollers.

BARRE is a total body workout.

Each class moves through a series of exercises designed to tone different parts of the body. Nothing is missed in our 55 minute classes.

How does it work?

Barre works the smaller, complementary muscles as well as the larger muscle groups. Most exercise forms focus on the bigger muscles like the quadriceps, chest and gluteus maximus. Barre Body works these too, but you will really feel the burn in the smaller, supportive muscles that have to earn their keep when we have fatigued the bigger muscle groups. This is what results in the longer, leaner look that dancers are known for. It is performed in an interval training format. Interval training is the act of raising and lowering the heart rate at regular intervals. This is an extremely effective way of getting fit fast and it results in calories continuing to be burnt long after the workout is finished. It combines several disciplines artfully. It’s the perfect blend of yoga for flexiblity, pilates for alignment and core strength, and ballet barre conditioning for toning, resulting in long, lean muscles. It’s challenging, really challenging. As I say to new clients, it does get easier, but not much. You just improve your technique, making the exercises more effective and harder! Basically, it makes you look and feel good. Happy days!!!

Yoga Classes

This yoga class allows students to not only work with conscious physicality but also to encourage the mind into a clear and calm space. Focus is found on breath and correct alignment in order to heal and strengthen the body for the week ahead.

Each class includes elements of pranayama with meditation, flowing sun salutations, asana, somatic practise, aromatherapy and restorative yoga nidra.

Vinyassa flow class provides students with increased physical challenge whilst still offering a high level of mindfulness.

Power Yoga is a Vinyasa style class cultivating strength, endurance and flexibility. An energetic practice toning the entire body and mind.

The Gentle sessions follow a slower Vinyasa style class. Soothing and therapeutic, moving gracefully into postures to remain present and mindful. A wonderful way to unwind.

Yoga Classes not currently running due Covid 19


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8 8:00-8:55 Barre with Bea
9 9:15-10:10 L2/3 Reformer 9:15-10:10 Virtual Matwork 9:15-10:10 Studio Class 9:15-10:10 L1/2 Reformer 9:15-10:10 Virtual Matwork 9:15-10:10 L2/3 Reformer 9:15-10:10 Virtual Matwork 9:15-10:10 L2/3 Reformer
10 10:20-11:15 L1/2 Reformer 10:20-11:15 Virtual Matwork 10:20-11:15 L1 Reformer 10:20-11:15 L1/2 Reformer 10:20-11:15 L1/2 Reformer
11 11:25-12:20 Advanced Reformer 11:25-12:20 Studio Class
12 12:30-1:25 L2/3 Reformer 12:30-13:25 Advanced Reformer
17 17:40-18:35 L1/2 Reformer 5:45-6:40 Barre with Kirsty
18 6:00-6:55 L1/2 Reformer 6:50-7:45 Matwork & Virtual Matwork 6:30-7:25 L2/3 Reformer 6:50-7:45 L1/2 Reformer with Kirsty

Please email us or use the Mindbody booking system to book your class.

Classes with Clare, Neil, Kirsty

Class and Appointment Prices

One to One Single £50
Set of 6 £275
Duet Single pp £30
Set of 6 pp £165
Reformer Single £22
As part of term class £18
Matwork (virtual) Single £10
6 sessions (6 weeks) £48
10 sessions (6 weeks) £75
Unlimited 30 days £58
Studio Class Single £22
As part of term class £18
Barre Single £16
As part of term class £12
TRX Single £14
As part of term class £10
Yoga Single £16
As part of term class £12


Clare Richardson

Founder and instructor STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor and iNWA approved Nordic Walking Instructor, provides classes and private instruction in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.  A wide range of specialist Pilates equipment is used, including 3 STOTT V2MAx Pilates Reformers, 3 STOTT PILATES Stablility Chairs, arc barrels, fitness circles, foam rollers, resistance bands, weighted toning balls, mini stability balls and large stability balls. .

Neil Richardson

Neil served in the Royal Air Force as a pilot for sixteen years, flying various aircraft on assorted operational duties. After leaving the RAF he was a commercial airline pilot for five years. After thousands of hours in uncomfortable seating at work he has recognised the benefits of pilates and has qualified as a STOTT Pilates Instructor in Matwork, Cadillac, Chair and Reformer.

Kirsty Rose

Kirsty began her career as a professional dancer before deciding to embrace her love of movement further by certifying with STOTT Pilates and Balanced Body. Kirsty has acquired an impressive breadth of training covering not only Pilates but also Yoga, Barre, Body Burn and Dance Fit. 

The scope of her teaching experience in studios both in the UK and in the UAE ranges from clients requiring rehabilitation to working with elite athletes seeking to achieve their goals. Kirsty leads her clients through a session that leaves them feeling taller with any pain reduced and looking forward to their next session.

Kirsty is available for classes, One-to-One and Duet appointments every Friday @tetburypilates


10 Chavenage Lane




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